Handcrafted palanquin for Salman


If and when Bollywood star Salman Khan decides to get married, there’s a lavish golden palki or palanquin, embellished with red crystallised Swarovski elements, waiting for his bride. Jewellery designer Punita Trrikha has prepared the unique craftwork and wants to preserve it for Salman. “Salman bhai is like a brother to me. I have designed jewellery for most of his films and this palki is also for him. I want that whenever he gets married, his bride should sit in it. This will be my gift to him,” Trrikha said.

She hopes Salman will get married in the next couple of years as it is “high time for him to have babies”.

The special palki costs a whopping INRs 850,000 and has been handcrafted by Trrikha herself.

“The woodwork has been done by carpenters and the cloth has been put by sofa cover people but the entire embellishment has been done by me.

I have put each piece of Swarovski on my own and it took me almost four weeks to make it, that is, including the woodwork,” she elucidated. — HNS