Cancer vaccine

An experimental vaccine wiped out lung cancer in some patients and slowed its spread in others in a small but promising study, researchers say. Three patients injected with the vaccine, GVAX, had no recurrence of lung cancer for more than three years afterward, according to the study of 43 people with the most common form of the disease, non-small cell lung cancer. It is related to smoking and is often difficult to treat. Treatment usually involves removal of the tumour, chemotherapy or both.

Spanish longevity

European study reveals that Spanish live the longest, the Italians are healthiest and the British are fattest people in the globe. The average European Union citizen now lives to just over 78, according to the health survey commissioned by the pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer. Spain has the highest life expectancy in Europe at just over 82 years — despite also having the highest rate of smoking. It was followed by Italy at 79 and France with 78. Czech Republic had the lowest life expectancy at 74.

The study found heart disease is the number one killer in Europe. But in France, where cholesterol-rich cheese is a standard menu item, far fewer people die from heart attacks than elsewhere. It suggests a healthy Spanish diet and French love of red wine may be helpful in cutting their death rates. — Agencies