Heather Graham's dinner disaster

LONDON: Actress Heather Graham invited a group of her 'From Hell' co-stars to dinner - and they fell ill with food poisoning.

Heather Graham gave her co-stars food poisoning.

The blonde star invited a group of actresses who were also appearing in 2001 movie 'From Hell' to dinner one evening after filming, only for at least one of her guests to fall ill immediately afterwards.

Welsh actress Joanna Page revealed: "Heather Graham invited four British girls from the 'From Hell' cast over for a dinner party and she made a chicken salad but it gave mefood poisoning. On the way home I had to stop the car and throw up."

'Gavin and Stacey' star Joanna also revealed she accidentally asked Hugh Grant to bring her a meal on the set of his hit movie 'Love Actually'.

She explained to FHM magazine: "I was very nervous on my first day on 'Love Actually'. My mum had told me to eat or else I'd faint so I kept going, 'I need some food.'

"One of the assistants said, 'See that man over there? He'll get you some breakfast.' I walked up to who I thought she was pointing at and went, 'Excuse me, can you get me some breakfast?' He turned round and it was Hugh Grant. I was mortified."