KATHMANDU: Lord Krishna, one of the influential Gods depicted in the epics, is portrayed as human man in the paintings being exhibited in the 15th solo art exhibition of Chirag Bangdel ‘Geet Govinda, Love in Colours’. The exhibition was inaugurated by Indian Ambassador Rakesh Sood on November 22 at Imago Dei Gallery.

The paintings showcased are more figurative with the artist having borrowed the theme from epics. The works associate with the human world but with some imaginative flights of fancy. The paintings are more like that of Mithila art showcasing only one side of the image. Almost all portray Lord Krishna with his blue complexion and blue garb and his beloved Radha draped in green. The backgrounds of the paintings are mostly red, with a few in orange, yellow and blue.

Bangdel has used certain colours like red, blue and green to depict the love between Krishna and Radha. Somewhere the couple is portrayed sitting and somewhere they are flying in the sky, however, they are portrayed together in different gestures and poses. In each painting, the lips of Radha and Krishna are painted red and orange colours. The interesting part of the paintings is the half-visible golden flute in all.

“I usually use few colours in a painting since I believe in minimalism,” said Bangdel.

In a painting titled ‘Geet Govinda 15’, Krishna and Radha are portrayed flying in the sky above the hills and mountains.

Describing it Bangdel said, “Most of my paintings are influenced by traditional arts and I have attempted to showcase beauty, peace and love through this painting assimilating the epic characters to the human”.

The exhibition is on till December 3.