Helping lessen pollution

We don’t know what we are doing. We do foolish things, which shouldn’t be done. It can cause many difficulties. Day by day, the earth is being polluted and the level of global warming is increasing.

Here are some factors to make our earth clean.

Planting trees:

Yes, please plant trees. Pollution will decrease. The air will get cleaner and cleaner. What we exhale (carbon dioxide) is inhaled by the plants and trees, and later the trees exhale good oxygen to us. This can also push away diseases like asthma, cancer, and cough. And of course for beauty, greenery is always good.

Using plastic-bags:

Using plastics is not good at all. After using the same plastic, we burn it, and the smoke which comes from it is very harmful to our lungs. Also, plastics cannot be recycled. But papers can be recycled. Paper and cloth bags, used by very few people, are good. We don’t need to burn them. The advantage of using paper is that it can be recycled and can be used again and again. So, please use paper bags instead of plastics.

Using sprays:

Using certain kinds of spray is bad. Using excessive amount of harmful sprays make a hole in the ozone layer. After there is a hole in the ozone layer, direct sunlight enters the earth and this can be harmful to us. Such rays of sun cause bad diseases like cancer. Sometimes, using these sprays is good in a way, for parties and occasional events, but perfumes can affect people’s lives adversely.