Here come the brides


This is the first time in Nepal that beauticians will be displaying their skills at bestowing the best bridal looks. The Lakme Bridal Make-Up competition which is being organised by Lakme in association with Saundarya Kala Byawasayi Sangh will be holding the grand finale at the Soaltee Crowne Plaza on June 21. Out of a total of 150 participants, 30 have been chosen for the final round.

And these beauticians have quite a task at hand — to conjure up looks that befit the bride of the ethnic group that they have been allocated.

With the diverse cultures and traditions that our country has, the day is sure to spark the evening with ladies looking gorgeous as never before in their traditional attires radiating with the best make-up. Each beautician has to make the model look outstanding in terms of make-up, hairdo, accessories and the dress well within the three hours that they will be given.

Though all participants are professional beauticians, special trainings and sessions especially for bridal make up are being conducted by Kamala Shrestha.

And with rehearsals as well, the beauticians have not only had a chance to showcase their talent but received a chance to get feedback and learn from others and improve as well.

The winners will be chosen by Sneh Rana, Prajani Rana, Srijana Yonjan and Melina Manandhar. The winners will receive cash prizes of Rs 50,000, Rs 25,000 and Rs 10,000 each.