His way

Fathers seldom say “I love you”

Though the feeling’s always there,

But somehow those three little words

Are the hardest ones to share.

And fathers say “I love you”

In ways that words can’t match

With tender bedtime stories

Or a friendly game of catch!

You can see the words “I love you”

In a father’s boyish eyes

When he runs home, all excited,

With a poorly wrapped surprise.

A father says “I love you”

With his strong helping hands

With a smile when you’re in trouble

With the way he understands.

He says “I love you” haltingly,

With awkward tenderness -

(It’s hard to help a four-year-old into a party dress!)

He speaks his love unselfishly

By giving all he can

To make some secret dream come true,

Or follow through a plan.

A father’s seldom-spoken love

Sounds clearly through the years

Sometimes in peals of laughter,

Sometimes through happy tears.

Perhaps they have to speak their love

In a fashion all their own.

Because the love that fathers feel

Is too big for words alone! — Author unknown