Hollywood’s no place for kids: Bale


Batman Begins star Christian Bale is against children working in Hollywood and says he won’t allow his daughter to become a child star.

Bale was just eight-years-old when he started starring in commercials and got his first major movie role in Empire of the Sun when we was 12. He admits that fame at such a young age isn’t good and that the pressures of Hollywood are too much for children, contactmusic.com reported.

The actor said, “I have very strong opinions about why kids should not be working at such a young age. I think introducing children to a professional industry where they may not recognise the pressure is wrong. Very quickly they’re going to be under pressure. This is an adult industry.

“I would be very sceptical putting anybody I cared about, who was close to me, in this profession at a young age. I absolutely support it as a hobby and as an amateur pursuit, but to enter into it in a professional way is a whole different ball game.”

Bale and his wife Sandra Balzic have a three-year-old daughter Emmeline. — HNS