Home safety rules

These are some rules we have jointly come up with which will help keep us safe, healthy and happy and which we would like to share with our friends.

1. We should not leave sharp objects lying around.

2. We should not play with sharp objects like knives, broken mirrors or glass and electric items (plugs, sockets, naked wires, etc.)

3. Running or sliding down the stairs is dangerous.

4. All staircases and terraces in the house should have railings. We might fall down, otherwise.

5. Mop water on the floor and make sure there are no slippery surfaces round the house.

6. Climbing onto the window sills or terrace walls is very dangerous. Never try it.

7. Remember to turn off the gas if you are not using it.

8. We should not leave the house gate open as thieves and strangers might come in and children might go out.

9. Take an adult’s permission if you want to go out of the house.

10. Stay away from stray animals, especially dogs, unless they are your own.

— Sheran, Rishabh, Sitashma, Sajit, Meghraj, Anupa, Mahima, Ronak, Anika, Calvin, Allen, Rahul, Pallavi, Sarthak, Shirish, Binu, Amogh, Vasudha, Asmita, Sumnima, Franshika, Rohit, Vaibhav, Grishma, Abhi, Subhashish, Samragi, Prashansa, Ruhee, Akchyata, Samata; Class IIB; Rato Bangala School