Homework through a pinhole

How many of us take homework seriously and do it sincerely? How many of us do not regard homework as a nuisance? Truly speaking, many students detest doing homework. They consider homework a burden.

Not too long ago I was not an exception. I too wanted to avoid homework. It hasn’t been very long since I comprehended the value, place and significance of home assignments. It is a known fact that “All things are easy that are done willingly”. Until and unless we put our heart and soul into doing our homework we will never ever understand its importance. Assignments play an important role in our studies. It is so because whenever we do our home works sincerely and honestly, we are not just completing the task just for the sake of completing it, but also revising the lessons taught on that day. Doing homework regularly is the best way, to revise everything taught in class. You don’t have to allocate a special time or spend hours revising your lessons, all you have to do is your homework with complete concentration!

Doing homework on your own, will help bring to the front things that you haven’t understood in class. Copying homework blindly from your classmates’ will not help increase your knowledge. Copying homework may enable you to submit your assignments on time but later you will have to eat humble pie for this.

The most important part of doing homework is doing it honestly, regularly, sincerely and whole-heartedly on your own. If you follow this, you will not have to stay up till the wee hours trying to complete in one day the assignments that have piled up over the days. — Vipul Kabra, Class X, Galaxy Public School