Hues of folk art


One of the oldest forms of folk art in the world, Mithila art is unique due to its form of representing its subject and the whole way of presenting the creation.

Mithila Artists Society (MAS) is an organisation formed by the coming together of many artists in order to preserve and promote the true style of Mithila art. As measure of their effort towards development of this

art style, MAS organised

their first group exhibition titled ‘Mithila’ at the Mithila Yain Art Gallery at Thamel. The exhibition, which was inaugurated on July 18, showcases around 21 paintings by seven artists.

The pieces in this exhibition have been created using various mediums, from oil to acrylic and from canvas to silk. Like every other Mithila art pieces, the subject matters in this exhibition range from the daily life of people to special occasions like marriages. There are also couple of creations depicting a particular scene from the Ramayana.

Variety could be seen in terms of colour as well. While some consisted of vibrant colours in sharp contrast to each other, there were

some pieces which were rather subtle with light and subdued colours complementing each other.

The exhibition is on till

July 25. — HNS