I forget all else in love: Deepika

MUMBAI: Bollywood’s ‘sunshine girl’ Deepika Padukone has every reason to celebrate. With her career going great guns and some exciting films in her kitty, the leggy beauty is now looking to consolidate her position in B-Town. “I’ve always been driven by work and variety attracts me,” confesses Deepika.

“I’ve never been afraid of doing something just because it’s different. In fact, each role that I have portrayed on screen so far has been in stark contrast from the other,”she avers.

For someone who made news right from her much-talked about Bollywood launchpad opposite Shah Rukh Khan (in Om Shanti Om), Deepika continues to make for some good headlines. Her current offering (Karthik Calling Karthik) too made news much before it hit the theatres. Movie buffs went full throttle about the unusual pairing between her and leading man Farhan Akhtar, some to the extent of even romantically linking the two together. “Who defines what’s usual and unusual? I don’t see how Farhan and I are any different from the other on-screen jodis in terms of complimenting each other. If two actors are cast opposite one another it’s because they suit their particular roles and make a good on-screen pair. Initially, I was intimidated by Farhan. But then I saw he was so chilled out and just like the other leading men I’ve worked with —fun and focused.”

Deepika’s portrayal as the new age girl in many flicks has endeared her to the audience. Her last big screen outing, Love Aaj Kal struck BO gold and redefined Bollywood romance. “I always knew that the movie will have an impact on the audience,” says Deepika. Speaking on how the film still has an impact on her, Deepika says, “In real life too, I’m a lot like Meera, I’m always surrounded by my friends. And I think I see relationships just the way Meera does. See, when in a romantic relationship everything (else) takes a backseat. In our lives, there are times when you realise that though you love a certain person a lot, you can’t live with him. Nothing in life makes sense. Like me, a lot of young people have been able to relate to all that Meera went through in LAK quite a bit and may have experienced a lot of those emotions/experiences,” she confesses.

From playing independent and outgoing characters, Deepika is now switching gears to period films and comedy — something she has never done before. “I’m playing Kaplana Dutta in Ashutosh Gowarikar’s Khelenge Jee Jaan Se. It’s a completely different world and at the same time a very important part of history. It’s a great responsibility for someone like me and I have to do justice to the character,” quips the actor.

Sajid Khan’s Houseful is already creating a buzz (thanks to the sizzling bikini bod that Deepika flaunts) and she’s excited too. “Comedy is the toughest thing to do. Especially Sajid’s brand of comedy where you have a tough time enacting a scene because you just can’t control your laughter,” she says with palpable excitement.

Considering that she’s been part of many hit films, does she see her paycheque looking better? “To a large extent, yes. But having said that, I would also like to clarify that my price never defines the kind of work I do.” And with many Best Actor (female) nominations coming her way, does she hope to walk away with an award this year? “Awards are important. They mean recognition and appreciation of the hard work you’ve done. If I win then well, but if I don’t then I’m not going to sit and sulk. I’ll be back with better films the following year,” she ends on a positive note.