I’m no rude dude, says Abhishek


Abhishek Bachchan is aghast at media reports that he had asked immigration officials in England if he should “drop his pants” during a customary investigation.

“I don’t speak like that,” he said curtly. “I was aghast when I saw myself quoted with these cheap words all over the net. Firstly, I don’t speak like that. Secondly, I’d never be rude to officials who are merely doing their job. It’s not their intention to harass you. Considering what the world situation is, we must all cooperate and be patient,” Abhishek said from Paris.

In spite of his busy schedule, Abhishek is all set to fly down to India to be with his father on his birthday on October 11.

Abhishek refuses to be flattered by being chosen as Asia’s sexiest man by a magazine. “I don’t even know what sexy means. These are appellations best not taken seriously. But, yes, I’m deeply humbled and flattered because I’ve never ever thought of myself as anywhere near sexy. However, if people have voted for me, then I respect that. But I’m certainly not going to suddenly acquire an extra swagger just because I’ve been called sexy. From where I come, I’ve seen both the highs and the lows. It’s temporary. And the trick of survival is not to take the trappings seriously. There’s no guarantee for a tomorrow in show business. Admitted my dad has proved to be a survivor. But they don’t make his kind of entertainers every day.”

Speaking of rudeness, a Lucknow scholar who plays the role of Rusva (the man who wrote Umrao’s biography) in Umrao Jaan, is quoted as saying: “Abhishek’s well-sculpted body is far outweighed by his arrogance.” Chuckles Abhishek: “I’ve never met this gentleman. And the proof of this fact lies in the fact that he has called my body well-sculpted.”