Iglesias' pill popping problem

LONDON: Enrique Iglesias' anxiety forces him to take sleeping tablets at night - admitting he swallows pill after pill in a bid to beat his insomnia.

The singer struggles to doze off due to his hectic touring schedule, and is worried about the amount of sedatives he consumes.

But he is forced to take more and more drugs to nod off, leaving him feeling the side-effects the following morning.

He tells Britain's Daily Mail, "I know about addictions because I have to take sleeping pills and often I don't sleep after taking them. So I take more and more and I lie awake and then I have to get up with a horrible sleeping pill hangover."

However, the star insists he would never turn to illegal drugs to help him slumber - because smoking marijuana just increases his anxiety.

He adds, "I'm quite grounded. I've never taken hard drugs because I am scared of getting hooked on things.

"I have taken grass, hoping I would write better music, but it made my writing worse and I felt terrible and paranoid."