In memory of Swar Samrat


We have lived with his songs; we have grown up with his songs. The mesmerising voice of Narayan Gopal is vividly clear singing the songs of love, betrayal, life and many more. We have hum those songs in each and every step of our

life, while we make merry, or during the times of heart break and also when

all alone. There might not be a single Nepali who has not loved his voice and songs and that love and respect makes him the Swar Samrat.

Remembering the golden era of music when the contemporary music scene of Nepal was at its peak, remembering the soulful voice of Narayan Gopal, Nepalese Fashion House and KASS Production organised Flashback of Narayan Gopal, a programme in memory of the veteran artiste and his all time classic songs.

The programme was a solo presentation of Kailash Rai, who performed some of the popular numbers of Narayan Gopal.

In this era when most of the singers prefer singing on tracks and live music by orchestra is very rare, the programme had a huge number of musicians supporting the singer making it one of a kind concert in recent days.

Most of the yesteryear maestros like Deepak Jungam, Ratna Shamsher and many more who have not only given music and jotted lyrics for Narayan Gopal’s songs but were also his good friends were present at the event to support the step taken by the organisers to remember the singer.

It was not only the older generation but younger artists such as Nirnaya da NSK, Dhiraj Rai, Swaroop and Satya Raj Acharya,

Uday Sotang and many more were present at the event. Similarly the crowd too

comprised audience of all ages who were there to enjoy the music.

Starting the show with Ma mare pani malai, Rai presented various songs like Aankha chopi na rau bhani, Chinari hamro, Timro jasto mutu, Malai na sodha, Yati dhrerai and many more classics. When it comes to Narayan Gopal’s song it takes a lot for a singer to do justice to them. In some ways Rai failed to do so, though he was not very bad. The songs were well received by the audience and everyone enjoyed it a lot. During the break between the show dance numbers were presented.