In true Dashain spirit

Amongst different festivals observed by Hindus, Dashain is one of them. It generally falls in Ashwin or Kartik. Dashain is celebrated in the name of Durga the goddesses of power. It’s a festival of victory. It lasts for 15 days.

The day of commencement is known as Ghatasthapana on which barley seeds are sown. The tenth day is the most important as we receive blessings from elders, who put tika on the foreheads of juniors and jamara on their head.

People enjoy Dashain eating delicious food. They exchange greetings with each other and enjoy get-togethers with relatives. Everyone buys new clothes. Young children enjoy Dashain by playing on the swings and flying kites.

Dashain also has negative sides. Sacrificing animals to please gods is a bad tradition. People also gamble and ruin a lot of property. Some even take loans to show off. This sort of extravagance prompts ill in society. It sows seeds of corruption. Such unhealthy practices have made the holy festival Dashain unholy.

The negative aspects should be kept aside and it should be celebrated delightfully.

— Aagya Dahal, Grade IX, Centennial English School