Information for your teacher

After your teacher answers an enthusiastic “yes!” to your request, you should present him with a slim folder with everything the teacher needs to fulfil your request. The folder should contain —

Your resume

Your personal statement, a short ‘statement of purpose’ that outlines the sort of college you hope to attend and why you think that sort of college would be best for you. Write one or two solid paragraphs. Make sure to focus on the academic issues related to your college choice, so that the teacher can provide specific information to support your application.

A full list of the colleges to which you are applying, including addresses, with application deadlines clearly stated. If you are applying to particular departments, scholarships, or other special programmes, makes sure to clarify that information for the teacher.

The recommendation form or forms the teacher will need to complete.

If the teacher has to send the letter directly to the college, include stamped, addressed envelopes for each college to which you are applying (make sure to clip these to the appropriate blank forms, to make it easy for the teacher to do the collating).

Your contact information, including phone number, home address, and email address, in case the writer has any questions.

A short note of personal thanks to express your appreciation.