Inspiration for all


All Sarwanam artists stood up with prominent artists and announced “Prarambha bhayo” (It has begun), while renowned artist Uttam Nepali banged the cymbals indicating the

inauguration of Theatre and Art, an art exhibition inspired by Sarwanam’s play Itihaas ko Baaki Pristha , at Nepal Art Council on June 30.

Sarwanam’s director Ashesh Malla said, “I feel indebted to the artists for capturing our play in their artworks. Usually when we perform, it lasts for only a certain time but now our plays are going to live forever.”

Each painting told the same story, yet each canvas held a different perception of the play.

Describing his painting Batsa Gopal Baidya said, “In such a beautiful country like ours there is darkness, injustice and death, which I have shown.”

Being a very religious person he has also incorporated Ganesh in his painting as well as nature.

Relating his experience, artist Madan Chitrakar said, “Nothing was imposed upon us. The paintings we created were provoked by images from the play. My painting is a symbolic, metaphoric representation and I have also taken contexts from the play.”

“There still is a lot of bloodshed and violence in our country. The ones trying to take others’ blood is there and this is what the dark side of my painting represents,” said Sharada Chitrakar. “Whereas the brighter side is for the hope that is still there,” she added.

Showing his abstract art, Mukesh Malla said, “Paintings are a visual language. Instead of me explaining, it is for individuals to perceive it and have an attachment to it. It should communicate to you.”

He has focused on the obstacles and said, “There still is a lot of confusion and things won’t get solved instantly. It will take time.”

“The strength of the woman who refuses to be confined to the rules of society and tries to be

independent though she is from a rural area is what I’ve tried to depict. This is something I’ve always felt strongly about,” said Erina Tamrakar.

Manish Lal Shrestha who has a different outlook said, “There is a lot of trauma shown in the play, but I have taken the gist of the play and tried to show hope. The bright colours represent a bright future for new Nepal.”

With her powerful performance Laxmi Napit, the actor who played the protagonist of the play certainly made an impact on many of the artists. She has been portrayed in many of and said, “Usually after the play we get a few compliments, then it’s over. But with something like this, you realise the effect you have made and feel a sense of pride and achievement.”

A documentary on Sarwanam’s Itihaas... tour in Dhangadi, Pokhara, Narayangadh, Dharan and Kathmadu was also shown.

The exhibition is on till July 6.