It happened one dark and rainy night

The moon shone brightly upon me and I was looking at the dazzling light. The sky was pretty in the evening with very few stars.

That day I was alone at home with my servant, as my parents had gone to visit my aunt in a nearby town who was very ill. But unfortunately my servant had to go to her house, as there was urgent work she had to do. She promised to return soon. I kept on waiting for her but she did not come back.

I was enjoying a horror movie with popcorn and a glass of juice. It was very scary. Then suddenly, lightning stroked the sky and within a second it grew dark. Then it started raining. I was a bit frightened when I heard something unusual, like a hammer banging on a hard substance. My hair stood up on end. Suddenly the phone started ringing. I hurriedly picked up the phone.

It was my servant who phoned to tell that she wouldn’t be able to come back. There was a knock on the door. My eyes went straight to the door. I gathered all my guts and went near the door. With shaking hands I withdrew the bolt and the door was half open. “Who is it?” I said in a low voice. It was so dark so I could not see properly. The man replied that his car had broken down and that he could not find any mechanic as it was raining very heavily, so he wanted to spend a night in my house.

I let him in. We sat together and a nice talk. I gave him something to eat with a cup of strong coffee, as he was cold. I told him to stay at my house, then I showed him the guest room and I went to sleep. I let him stay for a night because he was quite old. I remembered my mother telling me that we must always help people in trouble. Now, I felt safe and I slept soundly. The next day, the sun shone brightly upon me and I woke up. I went to see the guest but I was surprised when I went to the room. It was empty! Then I rushed to the drawing room and it was also empty - everything was gone.

I could only see one painting lying in the middle of the room and it was damaged. I was very worried. Roaming here and there then I saw my parents in the garden having tea with the same old man to whom I had given shelter yesterday.

I ran to my parents to tell them that he was a thief who stole many things. But after talking to them I realised that he was an interior designer who had come to decorate our house.