It’s the time to disco

Himalayan News Service


It’s 2:30 in the afternoon and the scenario of the party ‘Rise Above’ at Galaxy Disco at Hotel Everest could definitely beat some of the most happening parties in the world. Crowded to the optimum, one could not even find a place to step on the dance floor. But what amazes one the most is the fact that not even a single person amongst the crowd of so many was below the age of 21. A party meant totally for the young and vibrant teenagers of today’s times. And yes, they are not to be blamed since exams just got over and they, too, deserve to have some fun in their lives after the grilling they went through during their exams. When it comes to talking about the most happening parties in town, one name one can’t do without is of DJ Ankit who seems to be the most sought after DJ in town for his awesome skills at spinning. Another DJ who is recently gaining immense popularity is DJ Kranti for his apt fingers at the turntables. A combination of both these dynamic DJs with the latest and most happening music made the crowd go ballistic.

The party saw an influx on all kinds of youngsters booty-shaking and foot-thomping to the crazy tunes of the DJs. While DJ Kranti was playing more of hip-hop and Hindi remixes, DJ Ankit played trance and tribal house beats giving the crowd a perfect combination of all genres of music. And, of course, the bhangra numbers were an instant hit with the teenagers, flaunting the best of their dancing skills. Some of the most popular numbers were Raghav’s “Angel Eyes”, Jay Sean, “Tauba Tauba” from ‘Kaal’, “Woh Lamhe” from ‘Zeher’ and other hip-hop tracks by the likes of Nelly, Eminem and Jamilia along with the latest of Hindi remixes. How can one not notice the fashion parade of the young ladies and gentlemen of today? Fashion consciousness has certainly hit the teens of Gen X and they will not compromise anything in the world for the trendiest of garbs, be it the shortest conceivable miniskirts or the highest of heels and boots or the tops that don’t have any fabric on the backside. But, yes, it is definitely a treat to one’s eyes. An all in all, a happening party, that makes one feel nostalgic about their teenage days!