Jamboree at Taudaha

KATHMANDU: Named after a natural pond of immense religious significance, Taudaha is a paradise for the Valley’s conservationists. The wetland houses around 118 bird species, among which are migratory birds flying in from as far as Siberia.

“This season 400 birds of eight different species have been unofficially recorded as having migrated here,” says Sanjeevani Yonzon of Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN). “The richness of this place makes Taudaha important not only to Nepal, but to the world as well.”

To popularise this ecological site especially among the Valley denizens and help conserve it, WCN and Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN) in association with 17 wetland conservation organisations, are organising the Third Taudaha Jamboree on February 2 and 3.

This is being organised on the occasion of World Wetlands Day, which falls on February 2. The celebration this year will be under the leadership of Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC).

The presence of the different varieties of birds in Taudaha is due to the large number of fishes in the pond.

“The locals believe that those who eat the fish from this pond will die by turning into some fish-like creature. So we have a large number of fishes there,” says Yonzon.

Incidentally the theme for this Wetlands Day is ‘Fish for Tomorrow’.

The place also serves as a good refuge for protected animals. A pangolin was rescued in the area.

A workshop to discuss various issues facing Taudaha by a representative of Taudaha community is being organised for invitees at Nepal Tourism Board on February 2.

The jamboree for the general public will take place on February 3 at Taudaha. The programme includes activities like cycling competition, nature hike race, art competition for students, bird watching, on the spot art workshop, and various exhibitions of local and organisational products.

A fee will be charged for those wishing to participate in these activities, which will be used to build various things of public utility. “Last year we had 1,800 participants. This year we hope more will join us,” says Yonzon.

Shuttle service to Taudaha (at Balkhu crossroad at 9:00 am) has been arranged for those who want to be a part of the jamboree. They will have to book a seat. (For details, contact WCN at 4289818)