Jazz magic

Himalayan News Service


Jazzmandu’s Jazz at Patan took place on March 24 at Patan Museum, Patan. Organised by Upstairs Ideas in association with The Himalayan Times, the ambience of the venue as usual created a mood that transported one beyond music.

Cadenza and friends played numbers that acquire a different feel every time you listen to them. Even though you’ve heard them before, Manose Singh on the flute added texture to “In a sentimental mood” with the ishraj, sarod and tabla. They also played Dizzy illespie’s “Kush”, a Cadenza original “Patan” inspired by the venue, an improvised version of “Blue Monk” fused with classical music and more.

“Patan is a special show for all musicians because we get to mingle together,” said Navin Chhetri, of Cadenza. “We practised only for two to three hours really.” “Sarang”, a composition that Cadenza worked on with Gurudev Kamat based on Brindavani Sarang Raag was another beautiful track.

Hannah Vasanth with Tom Mason then joined Cadenza on stage. Soon they were jamming with Max Lolo from Benin, Africa and Soul Mate from Shillong. The solos were amazing especially when Navin alternated vocals with his beat. The percussion jam on stage was exhilarating with sounds from all over the world coming together. Brigitte Beraha sang “There was a boy” as twilight descended and it was magical to hear her dreamy voice. There followed numbers like “Misty”, “St Thomas” and “She was sad” accompanied by audience participation for peace. The show ended on a lively blues note “Feeling Alright” by Tipriti Kharbangar of SoulMate .

Stay tuned as the Jazzmandu headliner returns home to perform after more than a decade!