Jennifer Love Hewitt's wonder wish

LOS ANGELES: Jennifer Love Hewitt's dream role would be as Amazonian superhero Wonder Woman and she believes she has the perfect physique for the part.

Jennifer Love Hewitt wants to play Wonder Woman.

The 'Ghost Whisperer' actress insists she would be the perfect choice for playing the Amazonian super hero - made famous in the 70s TV series starring Lynda Carter - because she has tiny wrists.

She said: "I want to play Wonder Woman really badly. I want them to make the movie of 'Wonder Woman', and I want to play Wonder Woman so bad. That'd be really fun.

"I'm curvaceous. Gold bracelets! Look at these wrists — tell me gold bracelets would not look good! And I love little tiaras, and Wonder Woman got to wear one of those. I'm very athletic."

Jennifer faces tough competition to land her dream role.

Singer-and-actress Beyonce Knowles, 'High School Musical' star Vanessa Hudgens and actress Jessica Biel are among those who have recently said they would love the chance to take on the title role in the much-speculated movie.

However, one star not interested in the film is Megan Fox.

The 'Transformers' beauty blasted Wonder Woman as a "lame" superhero and insisted she has no interest in the film.