John loved his college days

MUMBAI: John Abraham was reminded of his college days by the film New York. The actor feels that he spent the most beautiful time of his life during his college days.

During his college, John was the Football team captain. He was a very athletic kind of boy just like shown in the film.

“I had a lot of friends. But my best friends, I have four, have been with me from Jr. K.G Days, I hang out more with them,” said John.

During a small conversation, he also revealed some of the very interesting facts of his college life.

“I came from middle class so didn’t have much money to spend. Whatever pocket money I got I used to save. I used to have lunch of Rs. 6.50 paisa which consisted Dal Fry and 2 Rotis. Later I did MBA but at that time I became more serious about studies. Money was more important then because I realized its value.” He signs off.