John polishing his acting skills

MUMBAI: Actor John Abraham, whose prison-break film Hook Ya Crook got wrapped up way ahead of schedule, says he plans to join a workshop for his yet-to-be-shot Abbas Tyrewala’s 1:800 Love during the unexpected break.

“We’ve finished the film 27 days ahead of schedule. Can you believe it? And such a difficult film requiring huge amounts of canvas crowds and concentration. David Dhawan is one of the fastest and most efficient directors I’ve worked with,” said John.

“I’d have liked to take a holiday. But God has his own plans. I’m plunging into a month-long workshop for 1:800 Love, something I wouldn’t have been able to do if David’s film hadn’t wrapped up well in advance.”

The workshop with Abbas and his wife Pakhi is expected to change John’s speech pattern and body language, making him more casual and connected with the London-based character he plays in the film.