Jonno Zilber, Australia

At just 18, Australian Jonno Zilber sure has surprises for the Blues audience with a mature and husky voice belting out some peppy numbers. He started learning classical music when he was seven, and at 12 he went for a concert by the band ‘Mannish Boy’. From there, his journey into the Blues music began.

He also plays Jazz and Rock, but the true blue(s) blooded guy could not stay away from the Blues. “The scene back home is fantastic and it’s getting better all the time,” says Jonno.

He sincerely admits that he did not know that Nepal had such “vibrant music scene” going on where a Blues festival with various international artistes takes place every year and was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm. He adds, “This place is amazing I always wanted to visit for trekking, and now I have fallen in love with Nepal.”