Julianne Moore Dreams Of Comedy

LOS ANGLES: Julianne Moore would like to star in comedy films because she wants to show some ''variety'' in her acting ability.

Julianne Moore wants more comedy roles.

The 49-year-old actress, famous for serious roles in films such as 'Savage Grace' and 'Hannibal', would love to tackle a movie similar to the Cameron Diaz-starring 'There's Something About Mary'.

She said: "I though Cameron Diaz was great in that movie. I really enjoy watching all that kind of stuff.

"Really you want to have variety as an actor. If you spend your career doing one thing solidly, people get burned out.

"I like any kind of situational comedy. It breaks my heart that I'm not going to be in it."

However, one area of acting Julianne is not so keen on is theatre, as she admits having children Caleb, 12 and Liv, seven, makes treading the boards unlikely as it is a big drain on time.

She told Telegraph.co.uk: "It's very difficult to do when you have kids because the hours are fairly extreme.

"I did find it particularly difficult to do Broadway. It was not my favourite way to perform. When I do theatre I like it to be smaller, I like the audience to be closer, I like it to be less presentational."