Kat feels lonesome before birthday

The night before she flew to London, Katrina Kaif wore her dancing shoes and left for Aditya Chopra’s party. The filmmaker was celebrating the success of his last release. However, Katrina said this was one of those few nights in Mumbai when she was out. “Normally I’m all dressed up and have nowhere to go,’’ she joked.

The actress was in an introspective mood. Her day was packed — a jewellery line press conference, meeting with a film corporation

honcho for their next flick, some press and television interviews, a dozen other things to do before she flew off for her month-long vacation.

Thinking aloud, she said, “God, there are so many people from the industry in London at this very moment. There is Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri, Karan Johar , Akshay Kumar , Deepika Padukone and a whole load of others. You can’t rule out the chance of bumping into someone or the other.’’

Returning home to London always brings a smile to her face. “London is my home, I’m longing to let my hair down and spend quality time with the family,’’ sighed the actress who will ring in her birthday today with her six sisters. “It’s been a while since I have taken such a long time off,’’ she added. “Whatever all of them wish to do is what I will comply with. I haven’t made any specific plans.’’

The celebrations will be followed by a short vacation in Spain and after that Kat intends to fly with her sister Isabel to New York. “While Isabel will rejoin school, I will spend some time on my own,’’ she said. Contrary to public perception that an actor’s life is one big party, Katrina, whose deep dark eyes speak a thousand words, said, “Living in Mumbai on my own does get a little lonely on many occasions. Often I’m sitting alone at home after pack-up leafing through scripts or watching television.’’