Kate invites ex for Chritsmas

LONDON: Supermodel Kate Moss has invited her ex-lover on Christmas, a move that her current beau Jamie Hince is not very pleased with. The catwalk queen has invited ex-lover/father of her child, Jefferson Hack, who will be accompanied by his model girlfriend Anouck Lepere.

“Kate is a modern woman with modern values,” the Mirror quoted a source, as saying. “As far as she’s concerned, so long as her daughter Lila Grace is happy and surrounded by the people she loves, then she’s happy too. This means inviting both Lila’s dad, Jefferson and her boyfriend, Jamie to her Cotswolds home and sod the consequences.

Yes, it may be a little awkward and there are bound to be squabbles over who gets the last roast potato, but Kate reckons as long as she acts as a buffer, all will be fine. Jamie loves Lila and Kate and obviously wants to be with them on Christmas day. He is less keen on the ex hanging around. When Kate told him she wanted Lila to be with both parents on December 25, Jamie wasn’t exactly thrilled.”

“It’s probably fair to say Jamie wouldn’t be distraught if Jefferson choked on the turkey wishbone,” the source added.