Kate Perry's messy welcome to US

LONDON: Katy Perry had a messy welcome on her return to the U.S. - she celebrated her homecoming gig with a huge food fight.

The I Kissed A Girl hitmaker returned to Los Angeles after weeks spent touring in Europe and wowing festival crowds in the U.K.

She played a triumphant show at the Palladium in Hollywood on Saturday night before heading to the W-Hood nightclub for an afterparty with friends and members of her entourage.

But it all turned dirty at the end of the evening - Perry and her pals indulged in a massive food fight with a tray of cup cakes from fashionable U.S. bakery Crumbs.

The singer was pictured emerging from the venue with chocolate and cream smeared on her face, arms, and her black one-piece jump suit. She also had pieces of sponge and chocolate in her hair.

But Perry was more than happy to look a mess - she told followers of her Twitter.com blog, "Just got face swiped by crumbs cupcakes. So fun tonight!"