Katie Price reveals her sex life

LONDON: Katie Price disgusted plane passengers by shouting about her sex life during a flight.

The glamour model - who split from husband Peter Andre in May, and is now dating cage fighter Alex Reid - was livid with reports Alex favoured unsavoury bedroom antics, and so decided to set the record straight.

A source said: "She was shouting that she and Alex would never be into dirty sex and that they aren't into bondage. She said, 'Do we look like those kind of people?' She was a disgrace. She kept shouting her mouth off - saying, 'My man would never do that!' "

Katie - who raises three children with Peter - and Alex were flying to Malaga, Spain, with a budget airline when the incident took place.

The 31-year-old star's noisy denials even embarrassed Alex, who unsuccessfully tried to calm her down.

The source added to thisislondon.co.uk: "She was raging in front of her kids too. Alex was mortified and kept telling her to stop shouting about their private issues. She was saying he was such a considerate man and not the filthbag he was being portrayed as.

"Everyone on the plane was staring at her as she let rip about his sex life. Alex looked totally humiliated and kept telling her to stop shouting. She tried to show a united front by being all over Alex but there was a lot of tension. He looked really uncomfortable as she draped herself all over him."