KCM outshines other colleges


The final day of Expressions 2009, an inter-college festival organised by Ace Institute of Manangement was held at Academy Hall on January 27. It had interesting competitions lined-up mostly focused on glamour and entertainment. It had participants flaunting stylish wear depicting the 70’s to current trends for the Fashion Show, while the music competition saw some awesome talents brandishing their skills be it playing the instruments or great vocals, and of course there were a few performances which were not upto mark. For the more artistically inclined Sketching, Collage and Calligraphy competitions were also held. After two days of competing with each other, it was a welcome relief for all as Karma Band belted out their hit numbers Hukka Mero, Mero Desh Nepal, Kalo Kalo Rail ko Dhunwale among others, to which the crowd clapped and sang along.

However, the much awaited part among the students from around 16 colleges who had taken part and their friends present there to support them was the announcement of the name of the winners. The judges for the competitions were prominent figures in their respective fields. The winners received trophies, winners of some of the categories received cash prizes

as well.

The winners of the door prizes are ticket number 1947 (first prize), 1919 (second prize).