Keeping it safe for our kids

As human beings we depend on nature for all our necessities, especially the three basic needs — food, shelter and clothing.

However, we have been eager to run down new paths of inventions. Industrialisation and urbanisation have been random. Many are sound, but many have added to deterioration of our na-tural resources. This will one day make us pay a very heavy price.

In the name of development and modernisation, man has become very materialistic. He has been taking an active part in deforestation, pollution and destruction of habitat to fulfil his selfish needs that has resulted in an imbalance in the eco-system, global warming, a disturbance in the food chain and acid rain.

Though we all envision a peaceful world where all living beings can live a secure life free from aggression, we will perhaps not be able to see our goals fulfiled because of our greed and animosity. Our goal to reach out for the stars can only be successful if led by free men who work for man’s betterment, not for his enslavement.

Life in the modern age has become trying and problematic because of our materialistic approach towards environment. Though the standard of living has generally improved, we and our environment are still suffering.

We should never forget that the environment where we are surviving today is what we have borrowed from our ancestors, and that we have to hand it over in the same manner to our future generations. No man has right to make this world barren for them.