Kelly learns life lessons on DWTS

HOLLYWOOD: Kelly Osbourne says learning to ballroom dance has helped her "realise what's important".

Ozzy and Sharon's daughter made the revelation at this week's taping of Dancing With The Stars in Los Angeles.

"As cliched and embarrassing as it sounds, I feel like this show has helped me become a woman and realise what's important in my life," she said of the US version of Strictly Come Dancing.

She explained: "This show teaches you things about yourself that you would never ever think you would learn, it's incredible."

And Kelly admits she'd never have dreamed she'd be dancing on TV a few years ago.

"To be totally honest, I didn't have the confidence, the drive, I didn't have the want. To see how much that has changed in just a few weeks is amazing!"

But, she warned, don't expect any of the other Osbournes to appear on telly learning the Lambada any time soon.

"I would definitely give them a letter of recommendation, but whether they would actually do it, I think not."

You can see Kelly perform a Cabaret-inspired Charleston on this week's show.

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