Kesha too poor to eat

LOS ANGELES: 'Tik Tok' singer Kesha hates ''pretentious people'' and says she keeps her feet on the ground because she had such a poor upbringing.

Kesha used to sell her clothes to buy food.

The 'Tik Tok' singer had a poor upbringing which she said helps her keep her feet on the ground now she has an international hit single.

She said: "I can't stand pretentious people. I think growing up without money has taught me not to take myself seriously. I'm the same person I when I was selling clothes to buy a taco for dinner, I just have a few extra bucks."

Kesha also said that when she got her first pay packet after becoming famous, she didn't splash out on any lavish or expensive gifts for herself.

She added: "I bought a 1998 Honda car, which I needed. I don't believe in wasting money when there are people in the world who can't eat. If I earn a lot of money, I'll treat myself, but I'm not going to be ridiculous. I think it's kind of gross.

"I don't like spending money on stuff. I may buy some instruments though."