LOS ANGELES: Kevin Federline spent over an hour with his estranged wife Britney Spears at the rehabilitation centre she checked into in Malibu. Federline, who was accompanied by a police car, surprised his critics by conducting himself with dignity, compassion and responsibility, reported www.Holly-wood.tv.

Federline cancelled an emergency court hearing requested over his child custody dispute with Britney, following her decision to re-enter rehab on Wednesday. He had requested the hearing after Britney left the Promises Rehab earlier that morning. He had Britney in a corner but chose to let her go proving he was not after child custody and the ensuing child support, but was genuinely concerned about Britney and their two children.

“Kevin is worried,” a source clo-se to Federline sa-id. “Kevin just wa-nts her to be okay. He loves her, so however she can get better is just what we’ll have to accept.”