Klum relies on diet to look slim

LONDON: Heidi Klum doesn't rely on "girdle machines" to look slim.

The German supermodel - who is currently pregnant and already raises three children with musician husband Seal - insists she gets back in shape after giving birth by simply eating healthily and exercising.

Asked about the time she modelled Victoria's Secret lingerie less than two months after having her son Henry, she replied: "I've never really had any special girdle machines or anything like that. For me, it's really healthy foods, exercising, playing with the children and going to the park - normal things.

"I've never done diets. But I also do not sit on the couch with my feet up and eat one potato chip bag after the next and one burger after the other. I think you have to kind of do a little bit of everything."

Despite refusing to embark on ridiculous weight-loss regimes, the 36-year-old model admits she is keen to drop her pregnancy pounds after delivering her new baby.

She explained: "I never really put a lot of pressure on myself, but for me personally, I feel like it is always better to get into shape immediately. I feel like if I drag it out too long, I'm not going to do it.

"So for me it works to kind of get back into shape, afterwards, I feel great. I can put my normal clothes back on and it makes me happy, and it's worked so far."