Knight Rider to ride again... on big screen


KITT the talking car from the 1980s television show Knight Rider is set to roar onto the big screen in a feature film version of the hit series, the industry press said on May 9.

Hollywood independent producers Harvey and Bob Weinstein are steering the project through their Weinstein Co after sealing a deal to buy the rights to the series that made David Hasselhoff a star from creator Glenn A Larson.

The movie, based on the series that ran from 1982 to 1986, will tell the story of a policeman who has been left to die and is nursed back to health by a mysterious millionaire, according to Daily Variety.

The wealthy backer gi-ves the injured policeman a new face and identity, that of Michael Knight, as well as the famed intelligent car with which Knight fights crime. Larson told Variety he beli-eved that Knight Rider has the potential to become a fra-nchise property that could give rise to a string of mo-vie sequels.