Kylie: Britney needs help


Australian veteran singer Kylie Minogue had a word of advice for Britney Spears when she urged the troubled crooner to seek help after her breakdown in public. “I wish someone would write a manual about fame because it’s not easy. I always loathe to say that, because there are a lot more difficulties out there that people deal with every day - but when fame is handed to you, it is unique,” the Age quoted her as saying.

The Aussie crooner, who has had her share of problems dealing with drugs, boyfriends and a career, said, “It’s not to the same extreme, but I can remember having a mini-meltdown myself - and unless you’ve got good people around to support you, you’ve got a problem.”

Minogue hoped that the 26-year-old Spears would bounce back. “It’s like she has taken an extended holiday. Whatever help she needs, she should reach out and get it,” she said. Reports say Britney’s behaviour has become increasingly erratic and there are fears over her mental health. Last month, she was admitted to hospital following a row with her former husband Kevin Federline over custody of their two children.