Kylie Minogue admits lesbian tendencies

HOLLYWOOD: The 41 year old singer and gay icon told showbiz mag Max Mexico: “I have been attracted to some women . I am a sexual exhibitionist and part of me is a natural flirt.” Kylie appears on the front cover of the mag skimpily clad in a striped leotard and stockings.

Despite harbouring secret lesbian fantasies however, Kylie, who’s dating Spanish Versace model Andres Velencoso revealed she’s never had the guts to follow through on her feelings.

“Although I have been attracted to women, I have never done anything with them, “ she said candidly.

A look at Kylie’s past track record however shows that’s not entirely true. In 2000 the I Should Be So Lucky publicly locked lips for a bit of girl-on-girl action with Spice Girl Geri Halliwell on Chris Evans chat show.

Then a year later she was spotted getting up close and personal to Amazonian singer Grace Jones when she cuddled up to her at the World Music Awards.

Kylie split with French movie hunk Olivier Martinez two years ago. At the time she joked that she should ‘become a lesbian’ because there were no men in her life.

She has also admitted to having the hots for the late American actress Tallulah Bankhead and claimed: “I’d go gay for her. She was fascinating and exotic woman.

Attraction to the fairer sex seems to run in the family. In 2006 CCTV footage surfaced showing Kylie’s sister, recenetly pregnant 36 year-old X Factor judge Dannii snogging a lap dancer at London’s Puss In Boots strip club.

And just three weeks ago saucy British pole dancers Faye O’Neill and Katrina Redfern told how Aussie sex bomb Kylie appeared ‘transfixed’ as they put on a show for her at 7th Heaven lap dancing in the French Alpine resort of Chamonix.

Ina recent poll of gay men by website the pop pixie was voted second in a list of gay icons, behind Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo.

She has also performed at London gay nightspot GAY. Following her battle with cancer the club held a special month long homage to the Aussie pop princess in December 2007 to celebrate her rescheduled Showgirl Homecoming tour, including a Kylie themed New Year’s Eve party.