A person who always laughs or smiles is considered to be the happiest, luckiest and the most satisfied person.

Laughter has a medical significance, too. It eases tension, lightens the body and mind and alleviates worries. It is rightly said, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

But a modern person has no time for this simple, natural health giver as s/he is too busy dealing with the rigours of modern day’s daily life. And so too are the children, who go to school with gloomy faces and a burden on their backs.

Modern science and technology have brought material happiness, narrowed distances and provided much comfort, but we have also lost peace of mind and healthy living habits. Our stresses and tensions are affecting the quality of our life and efficiency. These are giving rise to new diseases and problems.

Nature has provided laughter, one of the finest things connected to our life but, surprisingly we are neglecting to use this. A judicious combination of natural living and the habit of laughing away problems will perhaps provide us a healthy life.

Scientific research has provided that laughter helps negate the effect of hormones, which are produced during stressful situations. Thus, laughter can be considered as an ‘anti-stress mechanism’.

Lack of time, tensions, problems and absence of motivation for laughter are the factors that have made our children and us forget those wonderful moments. Though laughter bursts forth, a person can smile even mechanically.

Laughter generates warmth, closeness, informality, a jovial and accommodative mood.

As early as in 1872, Charles Darwin revealed that facial expressions are linked with emotions, and laughter affects facial muscles and thus makes you happy and light.

Laughter is so essential today that even magazines and books publish jokes and cartoons. Laughter works a lot when someone is in bad mood.

Students laugh in schools with their friends, college students laugh with their friends. Only parents are tired of their hard work. They have to find time to enjoy with their family. So, let’s laugh with others but not at others.