Laughter rules


What do you think that in this computer age, I’ll keep singing gai charaune (cowherd) and ghaans katne (grass-cutter) songs? You’ve seen seasoned actors like Amitabh Bachchan dance to sleazy numbers with mini-skirted babes; can’t I also have some ‘good time’ occasionally for the sake of the new audience of this age?” counter-questioned legendary singer Kumar Basnet to a query put up by fan Manina Bajracharya on the ‘vulgarity’ of his latest remix song video.

The occasion was KTM Card’s third Signature Party, a monthly event, at the Sheetal Bar on June 2.

Along with Basnet, the event had roped in five leading celebrities from the worlds of music, film and glamour for a rendezvous with their fans.

“Let me call another celebrity to stand with me,” master of ceremony Brazesh Khanal said at

the beginning of the programme, “then you’ll get to see the Beauty and the Beast.”

With this came about of laughter from the audience as they saw a smiling Sitasma Chand, Miss Nepal 2007, coming to take her seat.

Other celebrities who graced the occasion were the famous Tito Satya couple — Dipak Raj Giri and Deepashree Niraula, and seasoned singer Deepesh K Bhattarai.

The signature session was followed by a live music performance by a young band Anuprasta, which was enjoyed by all.

Giri and Niraula, as ever, went on spurring laughter at every opportunity, and so did others to infuse charm at the occasion.