When we talk about ants, the picture that comes to ours minds is that of hard workers, laborious and team workers. Many management lessons can be learned by the way these small creatures function. The way they work could be a great management inspiration.


If ants find any obstacle in their way, they try to get around it either by moving to the left or the right. If this is not possible, they climb over the obstacle. Ants never run away from obstacles. They try to overcome obstacles by being flexible.

A winning attitude:

Ants rarely take long, long rests. They might pause for a while, but are always looking forward to crossing the hurdle. This shows their winning attitude.

Good planning:

In the summer months, the ants collect food and store if for the winter exhibiting the fact that they plan well ahead for their future.


The ants do not come out until the summer actually starts. In the winter they rest patiently in their nests showing their great degree of patience.

Team work:

A group of ants can carry food 20 times heavier than themselves. Ants are hardly seen working alone.

Good communication:

Along their course, ants are seen coming back and forth from and often touching their heads with each other. They do this to communicate and they do it consistently. Consistent run towards the goal is essential. Good management always possesses a good communication system.

Play room for everyone:

During winter the ants manage to live together by maintaining the right atmosphere. It means they create an environment that favours everyone. Successful management always manages to have room for everyone to live within in an organisation.

Good leadership:

Ants practice equal leadership opportunities, meaning whoever is in the lead after a junction becomes the leader. This shows that there is equal opportunity for leadership for all. Equal opportunity for leadership exists in a successful management system.

Life and labour of ants fascinate all. We have probably read about the story of the Mehenati Kamila in our school days. Ants are examples of hard work and teamwork. They are creatures dedicated towards achieving their goal.