Leona Lewis infuses Aqua flavor in new album

LONDON: Leona Lewis has been working with Aqualung on tracks for her new album.

Southampton singer/songwriter Matt Hales is best known for Strange And Beautiful, which graced an old Volkswagen Beetle ad.

Since then, his tunes have done the rounds of US TV shows including The O.C., One Tree Hill and Grey’s Anatomy.

His style obviously suits the girlie US market where sales of Leona’s first album, Spirit, went through the roof.

The Bleeding Love singer’s difficult second album is due to be released in November. It will come with her first arena tour, which is being finalised with promoters.

Management are also negotiating a couple of stadium shows in summer next year.

It’s hard to imagine Leona getting the Pyramid Stage crowd rocking at Glastonbury 2010 but stranger things have happened.