Leonardo DiCaprio gets cozy with Pussycat Doll

LONDON: Leo The Lady Slayer has been going through a seriously impressive purple patch with the opposite sex during his time in London.

He pulled Cameron Diaz in his first week in the Big Smoke and now he can add another A-List notch to his bedpost - a Pussycat Doll.

Leo has worked his magic with Ashley Roberts from the naughtiest girl group in pop.

The Gangs Of New York actor, who recently split from model Bar Rafaeli after more than two years together, jetted in from Spain on Sunday and headed straight to the Cartier International Polo in Surrey, where he met Ashley.

After a few pleasantries Leo invited her to join him at West End club Whisky Mist - and just hours later he had the Pussycat purring along with his wisecracks.

A source told me: "Leo had a table in the VIP area of the club and was joined by a group of about 20 stunning models.

"As soon as Ashley arrived he invited her over and, despite all the other women surrounding him, she was the only one he was paying any attention to.

"They were getting on like a house on fire, drinking bottles of champagne and expensive tequila.

"They were so close at one point she was almost on his knee."

The Oscar-nominated star and his singing chum then left the swanky venue at the same time, though via different doors.

Last week Ashley spent a night out on the tiles at Soho's Alto with her bandmate Nicole Scherzinger.

Lewis Hamilton's other half was trying to set Ash up with blokes all night - but failed.

That must have been the only hostelry on the globe where she couldn't find a bloke willing to take on that challenge.