Let the best man win, says Pushpa Poudel


The bowing out of Pushpa Poudel from Samsung Nepali Tara last Saturday was not an expected result for the audience. Even judges of the show were seen disappointed after the results were declared. Pushpa, however, was not a bit nervous even after the realisation that her most cherished dream had crumbled before her eyes. “I could not give my best due to health problems,” she said. Her performance during the show, however, was considerably at par with standards established so far. Since audience voting started, the result has never been predictable to any musician and musical buff.

Pushpa is, however, a proven performer in the field of music. She is a winner of the Star title in Kantipur FM show and Brighter Timro Sur Mero Geet in the first round. She then made music her food and fad after seeing her talent getting thus recognised. “I always wanted to be noticed among the audience by dint of my performance. I never approached my friend for votes,” she shared. A BBS III semester student at Little Angle College, Pushpa has resumed her lessons. “Everyone in college showed concern over my loss,” Pushpa said. “They were trying to console me while I was cool with what was past.” Next to music, Pushpa has a deep penchant for academics. Pushpa thinks her four month long journey with Nepali Tara is the most memorable period of her life. “I believe the most deserved contestant will win the title,” she said. “Well, let the best man win.”