Let’s celebrate music


Variety of musical genres and themes — this is what Alliance Francaise’s Fete de la Musique promises this year. Expanding from a musical concert to mark the International Music Day, the fete this year will stretch over four days with workshops and discussions and ending with concerts in different venues of the Valley.

Event coordinator Melissa Yana says, “The cultural background that Nepal has is very dynamic and so the programme is going to be very interesting. Even the people who are taking part in the workshops and concerts are very enthusiastic. We approached different types of music groups so that people that love all genres of music can enjoy themselves and discover new kinds of music too.”

This time the fete has it all — Classical, Rock, Folk, Jazz — the best that Kathmandu has to offer.

Classical dhun

The International Music Society Nepal (IMSN) is looking after the Classical stage. “We have tried to incorporate as many different instruments and genres as much as possible. The music will range from purely classical to modified versions and Western fusion too. There will not be very long classical pieces as such and improvisations are there too,” says Suresh Shrestha.

And the performers are both renowned names in the classical field and new stars.

Let’s rock

Arun Gurung, one of the co-ordinators for the Rock stage, elaborating on the bands that will be performing said, “It will be a mix from pop rock, classical rock, punk to death metal. Some of the bands have just come out with new albums and they will be performing their original numbers.”

And yes there will be cover versions of songs that have been popular throughout the years.

Gurung promises “the show will not be restricted to heavy metal fans; everyone can enjoy the music that will be played”.

Some fusion

The Nepal Sangeet Vidayalya has their own share of music for the crowds. Students from both the Eastern and Western faculty have some amazing performances lined up. “They will be presenting some of their teachers enssembles and improvisations too,” said Jason Kumar Shrestha from the school.

Kids rule

One more stage that is bound to entertain all is the classical stage presented by children.

“The children are those who are learning music and some who were chosen as the best at the Kiranteshwore Bal Sastriya Sangeet competition that is held on a yearly basis,” said Sarita Mishra who is coordinating this section. “When you listen to them, you can get hypnotised by their wonderful and mesmerising performances,” she adds.

Something more

This year it’s not just the concerts that you should not miss. Equally informative and interactive will be their workshops and round table discussions.

A workshop on traditional Nepali music will be held. Ram Prasaed Kadel from Nepali Folk Instruments Museum explains that besides the presentations, there will be performances too.

“We don’t want to have long an boring presentations. We plan to make it short, interactive and interesting.”

The other workshop is related to an introduction of Tharu folk instruments.

And there’s more — here is your chance to learn more about Jazz from one of the most knowledgeable persons about this genre of music. Dr Gene Aitken, Director of Jazz Studies at the University of Northern Colorado, will be giving a lecture on Jazz music. Mariano E Abello from Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory says, “It would be a great opportunity for Jazz lovers, and even those who are not into Jazz, to learn about Jazz from one of the most sought after educators. Since he is an educator, he understands how to connect with the crowd.”

An important aspect of this year’s fete is the Round Table. Salil Subedi Kanika, moderator said, “We felt that with the emerging international quality music that is reputed in the international market, it is high time we had a serious discourse on it.”

The discussion will focus on various issues such as production, copyright issues, music management and other such issues that need to be addressed.

Soiree dates

June 18

• Traditional Nepali Music Workshop: 3.00-6.00 pm at Nepali Folk Instrument Museum

• Introduction on Tharu Folk Instrument: 2.00-4.00 pm at Nepal Sangeet Vidyalaya

• Jazz Lecture: 5.00-7.00 pm at Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory

June 19

• Round Table on Nepali Music: 5.00-7.00 pm at Alliance Francaise

June 21

International Music Day Concerts

• Rock Stage : 2.00-9.00 pm at Durbar Marg

• Classical Stage: 3.00-7 pm at Yala Maya Kendra

• Stage presented by Nepal Sangeet Vidyalaya: 2.00-5.30 pm at Nepal Sangeet Vidyalaya

• Classical stage presented by Gurukul: 12 noon-4 pm at Gurukul

Entrance to all events is free