Let’s not use plastic

We use plastic in different forms every day of our lives either to pack lunch for school or as carrybags, and in many other ways.

Plastic bags are very common in the majority of Asian countries. People prefer to use such bags because these are portable, light, cheap and easy to carry.

However, if we look at most of the European and American countries, we see people use paper bags instead of plastic. Have we ever wondered why they do not use plastic? This is because they know the harm plastic can do to the environment. According to research, plastic has been found to be the root cause of environmental degradation besides deforestation, population, unplanned urbanisation.

People use plastic bags and just throw those away after use. Plastic is a substance that is not biodegradable, which means ‘it does not decay’. Usually people burn all the waste, but plastic is burnt, it melts and produces a harmful chemical substance — carcinogenic gas (CFC), which is harmful to the environment. It not only depletes the ozone layer and makes it thin, it also degrades the environment. People may also suffer from different kinds of skin diseases. Earlier the Asian countries were not aware of the adverse effects of the use of plastics but they have now become aware of the dangers. So, in order to preserve environment, many cities of Asia like Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, among others had already banned plastic bags.

Nepal is facing environmental pollution problems. It is a known fact that Nepalis use plastic quite often. And as mismanagement of waste is one of the major problems of Nepal, these plastics are burnt. So, we can say Nepal is producing a huge amount of carcinogenic gases.

It time that we stepped up and acted upon the problems. As a small step, our school — Kathmandu Valley School, Campion Associate — has made ‘Say no to plastic’ the school’s slogan from 2006.

Along with a decrease in the amount of chlorofluro carbons produced, it has also lent a hand in maintaining the health of students. Students eat in the cafeteria and food stuffed packed in plastic are banned as well as junk food. No drinks containing carbonic acid is served but only fruit juices.

In order to preserve our environment, this rule of ‘No plastic zone’ should be implemented in all institutions. Then slowly we can start including our communities, society and the entire country.

Let’s start this campaign today and say “No to plastic”.