Liar Bale confused about reel, real life

LONDON: Batman star Christian Bale lies so much in his interviews that he is no longer sure if he is telling the truth anymore.

The actor refuses to answer questions about his life away from the movies and so he often makes things up to avoid difficult interviews, reports. He said, “I am an actor, I’m not a politician. I always kick myself when I talk too much about family, or personal things.” He added, “To be honest, it happens a lot. There are so many things which, even knowing that it was in a movie, I still feel like I’ve been through. And then I have to really rack my brain to work out, ‘Have I actually been through that in my life?’ There are occasions when I’ve pretended to be in a firefight, and then there are people who have really been in one.”

Bale claims he does it unconsciously. “Clearly it’s absolutely ridiculous, and even disrespectful,

to suggest that I understand what that is... But the power of delusion is incredibly strong.”