Life story of a bird

When I first opened my eyes, there was darkness all around. I realised that I was inside a shell. When I tried to move my body, the shell broke into pieces. And that was my first step into the outer world.

When I looked up I saw that it was blue everywhere, and greenery around me. I was shocked for I did not know where I was. Then I saw others around me who looked like me. They were my brothers and sisters. I was a small baby and my mother and father looked after me.

When my siblings and I were hungry, they used to find food and bring that to the nest. We used to open our mouths in hunger, and they used to feed us. They used to take great care of us and protect us.

Then I grew up. One day it was time for me to fly. I felt really scared and used to avoid flying. But my parents pushed me out of the nest to teach me how to fly. When I fell down, they used to catch me and take me back to the nest. Slowly I learnt to fly, and I stopped feeling scared.

I realised how beautiful this world was. Once there was a great storm and it rained heavily. I was very scared but my parents protected me. It was then I realised that there were different types of weather. We were happy and our life was good. But one day a loud sound scared us. We all flew away from our nest. Many of my brothers and sisters were separated from us. That was one of the most bitter moments of my life.

As I grew older, I started to find food for myself. I moved from place to place in

search of food. I did not know which food I could eat, so I tasted all. Some foods were hard to eat, some were bitter, salty, sweet and bad. I also came to know that it was very hard to find food. I came

to know that there were many other living things beside us. I even saw many human beings and their homes. Their houses were like huge mountains to me.

Once I banged my head on the windowpane of a house and fainted. When I woke up, I saw myself in a kind of cage. I became very sad. I missed my parents. But luckily one small child opened the cage and I was free.

I went to find food one day. I looked down and saw that the land was full of garbage and the air was full of smoke. It was difficult to breathe. I came to know this world was polluted, which made it difficult for many of us to live.

Then one day I was hit by a kind of prickly thing and I fainted. When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a beautiful place, where there was greenery and beautiful flowers around.

I felt healthy and realised that my previous wounds had been cured. I came to know that I was in a conservation area. I was happy there for I found many other creatures who later became my friends.